Jellied lumpfish

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Jellied lumpfish

The lumpfish is a sure sign of Spring. The saying goes that when it loosens its hold on the stone, deep down in the water - and that is generally in Fe­bruary - there are only six weeks of Winter left, and so the lumpfish is greatly prized here in the cold North.


1 male lumpfish with sucking disc, liver and soft roe

1 sliced carrot

1 part vinegar to 2-4 parts water

1 small sliced onion

12-15 peppercorns



Parsley or dill




Ask the fishmonger to clean and remove the skin.

Place in sufficient water and vinegar to cover togeth­er with the salt, pepper and vegetables.

Bring slow­ly to the boil and simmer for 10-12 min. according to size.

Cook the sucking disc, liver and roe separately in slightly salted water, removing as they become ten­der. Drain.

Take out the fish when cooked and pluck the flesh from the bones in large pieces.

Place in a bowl or ring mould in layers alternatively with pie­ces of liver, roe and sucking disc.

Boil up the liquid, remove the scum and sieve through a clean linen cloth wrung out in boiling water.

If still not clear, cool and beat in one egg-white per pint (½ l) of liquid.

Bring to the boil, whipping constantly.

Remove the scum, sieve and cool.

Stiffen the liquid with gelatine according to the in­structions on the packet, using proportionally more if the lumpfish is to be turned out of a mould. Greas­ing the mould with vegetable oil before filling facili­tates the turning out.

Serve with lemon boats, chopped parsley or dill and home-made rye-bread and butter.
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