Ham and stewed kale

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Ham and stewed kale 

(Kogt, røget skinke med grønlangkål)

It is traditional to serve this dish on Maundy Thurs­day, but it may also be enjoyed out of season.


1 boneless, lightly smoked ham held together with string

(about 3 lb or 1 ½ kg)


Cover the ham with cold water and bring to the boil.

Simmer 25-40 min. according to thickness, and leave to cool down in the soup.

It may also be cooked a couple of days beforehand and kept cold in the soup. Eaten hot, it should first be removed from the soup - which is brought to the boil - and then re­placed and reheated in the soup for 6-8 min.


Serve with Pickled beetroots, mustard og cinnamonsugar.


Stewed kale (Grønlangkål)

3 sticks kale

2 oz (50 g) butter

2 tablesp. (50 g) flour

¾ pint (4 dl) milk

4-5 tablesp. cream (1-1 ½ dl)

Salt and ground white pepper

Grated nutmeg


Pluck the leaves from the stalk and ribs, rinse well and steam for ½ hour without adding more water.

Drain and pass through the mincer, or blend.

Make a white sauce with the butter, flour and milk, add the cream and season with salt, pepper and nut­meg.

Gradually stir the sauce into the kale until the mixture has a suitable consistency and is a beautiful dark green.

Season again if necessary and serve with the ham and potatoes browned in sugar.


Potatoes browned in sugar (brunede kartofler)

2 lb (1 kg) small round potatoes

2 tablesp. (50 g) sugar

2 oz (50 g) butter


Wash, boil and peel the potatoes.

Melt the sugar in a hot pan until frothy, add the butter and stir until smooth.

Rinse the potatoes under cold, running water and place them in the caramel, turning with a wooden spoon or shaking the pan until all are brown.

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