Pheasant and green grapes

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Pheasant and green grapes

(Fasan med grønne druer)  This recipe comes from Åbenrå in the south of Jut­land, and is a true October delicacy.


3 pheasants

2 lb (1 kg) green grapes

Aquavit (preferably Brøndum's)

Salt and ground black pepper

4-5 oz (125 g) butter

3 thin rashers fat fresh bacon

½-¾ pint (4-5 dl) cream

1 pot sour cream

Soy Sauce


The day before the pheasant is to be served, halve the grapes, remove the seeds and cover with aquavit.

Singe the plucked and cleaned pheasants.

Rub the in­sides with salt and pepper and stuff with grapes.

Rub the outsides with butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cover with the bacon rashers, securing with string.

Brown in butter on all sides in a heavy saucepan.

Add a little water and the remaining grapes, break­ing them up with a spoon. Add half the cream and simmer under a tightly-fitting lid for about 1-1 ½ hours depending on age, basting frequently and adding more liquid if necessary.

When the legs are cook­ed the birds are done.

Take them out and keep warm.

Boil up the gravy with the remainder of the cream and the sour cream to taste.

Season with salt, pepper, soy sauce and perhaps a liule rowan jelly.

Divide the birds into equal pieces and cover with a little of the gravy.

Serve with small boiled potatoes and rowan jelly or fried apples.


Cook sooner too many pheasants than too few - the remainder can be served as a stew the following day, crumbling a little Danish Blue cheese into the gravy - a great treat!

Lastly, do not forget the aquavit the grapes have been soaking in!

Different servings:


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